Support When You Need It.

9to5 is a first full cycle, collaborative model of care for women, children and families susceptible to any health or obstetric risk.


The model is accessible across the 9 month antenatal period and 5 year postnatal and early childhood periods. Care is structured in a way that ensures that the correct specialist is utilised during the correct interval.

9 months to 5 years, we've got you covered...


    Continuity of antenatal care is provided ensuring women presenting with any increased health or obstetric risk factors are addressed. Initial assessment of any children/older siblings being cared for in the household during the antenatal period.


    Postnatal care offered to 6 weeks with additional home visits and debrief post birth. Neonatal and/or infant mental assessment postpartum. Postnatal EPDS attended for all women. Collaboration with psychological services, GP and perinatal mental health services to maintain a holistic focus.


    Counselling provided for select cohort of women meeting 100s & 1000s counselling criteria. Appropriate referral for women requiring service specific referrals. Primary health interventions initiated and referrals to other agencies as indicated.


    Ongoing collaborative care is provided with service specific referrals initialised as required Eg. Paediatrician | Child Health Services | Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services | FDV support and counselling | Drug & Alcohol Services | Psychiatric Services 

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